Burger king customer relations

I ordered it plain got about 20 minutes away opened it and it has everything on it.There was no number visible but the coupon was valid until April 24th.The general manager Daniel Tapia always has a negative attitude and constantly makes me reverse or pull up in the drive thru when there are no cars in line.The agent asked how they could help and offered further assistance prior to ending the call.

Finally, after waiting for 15 minutes the guy behind got fed up enough to back up so that I could do the same.She g runted and threw the plastic ware at my tray and huffed away.The International Franchise Association is your main source of franchise information and resources to research, grow, or join Burger King Corporation franchise.

I complained and the Browns Mills Store MGR. called me and apologized.So, whats my beef, (no pun intended) I was in a hurry and did not check and got home and had exactly what I did not want lettuce and mayonnaise.The shift manager, Olivia then started probing the food and chuntering away to the other member of staff, Megan.

The Burger King in Tucson at Broadway and Wilmot is one of the coldest an worst places to go to to have breakfast or dinner.Hello my name is richard Hall I picked up some food today with the coupon that you offer.I have always liked burger king but this location is incompetent, and in last 3 visits yet to get order correct. The.I believe she had anger balled up against me from earlier, I texted our store manager about something that she did at 3pm that day also.At 7:10, I FINALLY got my sandwiches, and one was undercooked, and both had very little lettuce.We then get replacement food served by another kind customer and not a word of apology.When my grand kids want to go out I will direct them to other offerings.

The management should take down the free WiFi sign or change carrier.The last several times I have been to Burger King there has been no BK restaurant no. on the receipt.

I then decided to go inside because I wanted no further interaction with her and I did not want to take the chance of anything being done to my food such as tainting it in any way which inconvenienced me because not only did I have to wake up my son who was in the car asleep and bring him inside but I was pressed for time which caused a delay in handling what I needed to.Heard they might move corporate offices to Canada to reduce tax liability.


I check the sack before I leave, and every thing appears to be correct.Every Saturday when I pull up to the speaker the first thing I hear is Ill be with you in a second (every time) this second turns into a couple of minutes.When I sat back down, mangr sat down at table again and 15 minutes later after seeing me with ketchup, remembered and went and checked, then made another employee take it apart.Responding to the recent request on the restaraunt that myself and my wife visited on the 12th of Jan of this year.This store just completed a major remodel that took weeks to complete and lots of money.

Needless to say the sandwiches were nasty and they have lost my business forever.However, I have repeatedly visited the one at 1242 Lee St Des Plaines IL.The other ingredients are fresh, the bun is fresh, nice tomatoes, pickles and lettuce.all good the only problem it they just are not hot.After we sat to eat, mangr sat 2 tables from us with a female friend and told young man loudly to think about what he should do to keep himself busy from the table.I did not have the Survey Code because for some reason the cashier did not give me the original receipt.However, I would prefer it if they emailed you a coupon instead of asking you write the validation code on your receipt.Many surveys have not been taken because of this unintentional or intentional oversight.I told them I was unable to have milk products so they gave me a milky coffee, when they changed it for my requested black coffee the coffee was bad tasting.

They said the WiFi never works and have already reported the problem with their superior.It is the best way to share with Burger King about your recent experience in its takeaway or dine-in restaurants.I had worst experience ever today, where i had to literally discard the meal i bought with the fear of getting my kids sick.I go to this Burger King because it is right next to the last stop on my route and I get it for my Daughter as she loves Burger king.As a Burger king customer, how was your experience contact the customer service department.

Vehicle in front of me at a drive thru window with a white pit bull looking dog with his head out the window.We are keen to hear from you so please share your thoughts, tips and suggestions on our site and social platforms.Once you submit the survey you will receive a validation code to write down on your survey invitation card.The other customer got his food and left, then I proceeded to leave and they stopped me.After a few minutes I noticed something about the young lady that was cleaning the tables seemed a little off.EVERYONE I talked to said that this Burger King is the worst.I went to bk on Madison ave. in Lakewood today and saw something disturbing.I got back to work and it was another processed chicken breast, not the chicken tender-crisp that I usually get.