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The experts at the Foundary, a home and lifestyle flash website, will be featuring how-to-crafts for kids throughout the summer that will not only entertain, but also serve as decorative party favors and fun home decor pieces for their rooms.

More Comments About This Instructable 3,092,621 views 644 favorites License: BenBurge My Tumblr.Did your girlfriend dump you and now you want to do something artistic and destructive with her.In addition, a memo pad to squeeze out glue onto, and small plates to keep cut-out parts would also be useful.

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Make: is the voice of the Maker Movement, empowering, inspiring, and connecting Makers worldwide to tinker and hack.Check out this gorgeous accordion folded fall leaf paper craft at Pink Stripey Socks.

Add instructable to: Contest Group Related Crazy paper cylinder by golics Crazy.Test your paper folding technique with these paper airplane examples.Decorative Tape This fun craft uses leftover wrapping paper to create decorative tape.

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My design involved some sort of butterfly in the center of white paper pinwheels.Privacy Policy Your California Privacy Rights Terms of Use Site Map.

In the home, nautical lanterns and accents with antique boat hardware and rope (or ship line) complete a seaside theme.

Find inspiration and step-by-step tutorials for DIY crafts such as beading, candle making,.Use shells, gems, metal charms and more to create a sparkly.Matchbook Containers These delightful little volumes (inspired by Heather Mann of ) throw the book at desktop clutter.With its bright colors and movable hands, this paper craft is right on time.21 great ways to completely organize your workshop or craft room: how to best utilize pegboards, shelving, closet and wall spaces, and much more!.

After you open word, drag and drop the picture into the document.What I really love is how you put the difficulty level next to each item.

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Make a symmetrical 5-pointed star following either of these methods: a.) Fold-and-cut star - with a few folds and a cut, you can quickly create.Slip the pieces in an envelope, and seal—if you like—with a kiss.

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When curving belt-shaped parts, hold the part between your thumb and a slim aluminum rod, and apply light pressure while pulling the part out.To make the boat, begin by folding one of the folded points inward toward the other side at a slight angle.

Tools needed for Paper Craft Model making are blade cutter, tweezers, mechanical pencil, aluminum rod, wooden skewer, scissors, glue (wood glue) etc.Although making paper is a common enough activity, making paper at home is not because few are familiar with the techniques involved.How to Make Paper Pencils (tutorial) I have always wanted to make my own pencils, but the thought of shaping two pieces of wood to allow a piece of lead to sit.

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Then, take aim at the fridge to see your handiwork hold tight.Whether you are looking for a quick diversion from the grind of adulthood or are teaching a.

Illustrated-Birds Mouse Pad Build a better mouse pad: Put a bird—or seven—on it.The main block, should have a hole from the top- once you finish the part with the shaft, you fold the tabs the hang off if it up, and slide it into that hole.Turn the large paper plate over and fold down one edge towards you to make the wing.This short video on craft shows how to make a paper wallet without using tape or scissors.

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Methods for parts-making are basically the same for any model.If you folded it right, you should be able to hold the box together, like i am in the second picture.

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Iron the image onto the leather, following the transfer-paper package instructions, and trim away the excess leather bordering the flock.Trace closely around the puzzle piece with a pencil, then remove.Smooth out any bubbles before cutting out each image with sharp scissors, working close to the images.