Theology dissertation topics

The Christianity faith is said to be entrenched within the roots in the Pagan faith. Discuss. The evolution of religious faith.In this way, the church can reach out to as many people as possible with the gospel, a mission that the Chinese congregation cannot accomplish alone.Five hypotheses are presented that emphasize both accountability and clear distinctions between governance and ministry.The Application of the Network Program to Scofield Memorial Church.The conclusion reached as the result of this research is that the subjects of the two case studies in this dissertation do validate the hypothesis.Second, qualitative, personal interviews were conducted with the healthy couples.The author interviewed respected experts in the area of biblical eschatology regarding their understanding of the passage, where the war fits in connection with other end times events, their understanding of current world events that may indicate the possible soon fulfillment of the prophecy, and how their thoughts had influenced their ministry practices.A case study was made using various research tools that surveyed 30 diverse adults, interviewed nine key church leaders, and reviewed the various literature to confirm these variations and appreciate the contribution that each.

The project consisted of the design, development, implementation, and evaluation of the course and of a yoked mentoring program.The central goal of this project was to raise the awareness and motivation of the participants in the area of relational skills.Most individuals that graduate from seminary with the intent to go into full-time ministry have had little to no education or experience in management.The study identified the enormous impact of Confucianism on the leadership challenges of SBC alumnae.Systematic Theology thesis writing service to help in custom writing a Ph.D. Systematic Theology dissertation for a doctorate dissertation degree.The research procedure communicates the rationale for choosing the case-study research methodology, the selection of the casestudy churches, and the means of studying the selected churches.

Finally, the fourth hypothesis studies whether participation in a short-term mission trip increases ministry involvement in the church through an increased participation in spiritual formation.The management crisis of overburdened Senior Pastors caused the rise of Executive Pastors.The research method consisted of listening to the sermons for Dr.A Case Study of the Impact of a Strategic Plan on the Participants in the Planning Process of Grace Bible Church, Stow, Ohio.

An Analysis of the Significance of the Senses in Scripture with a View Toward Their Use in Expository Preaching.The second research method was a form of qualitative discourse analysis which assessed sermon quality in design and delivery with a focus on the area of clarity.A group within a church congregation participated in this project by taking a pretest and posttest version of the measuring instrument.

An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Selected Church Discipleship Programs.Through practical tips and sermonic examples, expositors learn how to be deliberate and purposeful in developing sermons which creatively appeal to the senses.

Three case studies document and analyze programs presenting the tapes in three different congregations.Case Studies in Team Ministry with Implications for Bethany Chapel.The goal of this applied research project is to discover what traits of the ministry mentoring process are reported to have been valuable in encouraging and preparing people for vocational ministry in the North American Chinese church context.A survey was sent to different leaders in local churches to collect data to be analyzed and interpreted.Based on survey research and a study of organizational administration, the project develops a strategic plan and evaluation tools to assist AMF mission staff in measuring and assessing the effects of purpose-driven planning.The Savior commissioned His followers to make disciples (Matt 28:18-20), yet ministries often lag in providing discipleship that moves believers to maturity in Christ.

Some Primary Factors of Church Growth of a Chinese Church in the Philippines.The purpose of this research is to evaluate the relationship between the pre-adoption life circumstances of children adopted from foreign countries and healthy attachment with their Christian adoptive mothers.A descriptive survey designed by the researcher generated a 41% response rate from the 923 women who graduated from Dallas Seminary from 1977-2003.Surveying these assistants revealed that they were sure of their call, wanted more training, and were generally content in their positions as assistants.Pre-test and post-test surveys measured changes in pastoral attitudes and behavior.A long-term preaching plan, if properly understood and implemented, could benefit a pastor greatly.The conclusions reported should be useful to churches and staff in evaluating and designing ministries whose purpose is to strengthen husbands and fathers in their family leadership roles.As a result many do not have the foundations needed for using their gifts to their full potential for Christ.

This dissertation examines three churches that established and sustained long-term recovery ministries independent of any previously existing national or denominational crisis relief ministries.Each dynamic was developed into a significant methodoloy to plant churches in this growing community.An Evaluation of the Effect of the Christian Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program (CPREP) on Selected Couples at Imprint Church of Fremont.The author developed and utilized a questionnaire to acquire data from the case study interview of each research participant.The purpose of this research is to explore core strategies for leadership development that can be applied to fast growing, multi-site churches.

A study of the evolution of discipleship from the Gospels to the context of the church supports this hypothesis.This dissertation project sought to develop a dispensational catechism to teach children biblical doctrine.As a result, formal mentoring programs have been organized to teach and train young women.This can happen when senior pastors of existing churches become convinced that their church must reproduce and then subsequently cast a compelling vision for reproduction to their congregations.Finally, the students were trained to evaluate messages for accuracy, clarity, interest, and relevance.The ENRICH Marital Inventory was given as a pre- and post-test.The ENRICH Marriage Assessment and a developed questionnaire on the PREP (Prevention Relationship Enhancement Program) Static Risk Factors For Divorce provided support for the discoveries in this research.The data gathered was also used to compare the scores of Bible college and secular college graduates, to study the educational value of detailed lecture notes compared to outline notes, and to compare the scores of three groups by nationality.

It is vital to choose a research topic that adds to the current body of literature.The participating couples in this project revealed many new insights to both similarities and differences when comparing each of the ethnic marriage cultures involved in the research.Case Studies of the Planting of Selected Chinese-Language Evangelical Churches in Southern New England.

After the survey was administered, the survey data was analyzed to see what the relationship was between participation in the electronic media program and growth in the before-mentioned areas.An Evaluation of the Marriage Core Program Among The Chinese Christian Couples in Hong Kong.The major research hypothesis underscoring the project was that establishing a local church was dependent upon circumstantial and controllable variables.