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Certainly, the idea of God, or a supremely perfect being, is one that I find within me just as surely as the idea of any shape or number.Analysis of Anselm s Ontological Argument and the Argument from Evil Essay.The no devil corollary is similar, but argues that a worse being would be one that does not exist in reality, so does not exist.Rethinking the Ontological Argument: A Neoclassical Theistic Response.It follows that if we have a perception that p, then even though it might not be the case that p, it is at least the case that possibly p.

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I Examine the ways in which the Ontological argument attempts to prove to the atheist that God exists. Essay.

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He suggested that any conception of God we may have, we can conceive either of existing or of not existing.He suggested that, if the greatest possible being exists in the mind, it must also exist in reality.Also, God cannot be understood as not existing, since the existence.Philosophy of Religion (Englewood Cliffs: Prentice-Hall, Inc.

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His aim is to refute the fool who says in his heart that there is no God.

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Consequently, the notion of a supremely perfect God who does not exist, Descartes argues, is unintelligible.For otherwise it would not be a being a greater than which cannot be conceived.

He suggested that the concept of God is that of a supremely perfect being, holding all perfections.Thus, if God exists only as an idea in the mind, then we can imagine something that is greater than God (the greatest possible being that does exist in reality).Essentially, it would be absurd to disprove such a claim based on our understanding of the word bachelor.In other arguments, the truth is attained from an external source, such as from the possible to the necessary, from the originated to the eternal origin, or from motion to the unmoved mover.

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Therefore, if we can conceive of a being than which nothing greater can be conceived, it must exist in reality.Essay about The Ontological Argument an Explanation and Critical Assessment.He argued that, if Malcolm does prove the necessary existence of the greatest possible being, it follows that there is a being which exists in all worlds whose greatness in some worlds is not surpassed.

This is the response given by St Anselm to the fool in the psalm who believed there was no God.And my understanding that it belongs to his nature that he always exists is no less clear and distinct than is the case when I prove of any shape or number that some property belongs to its nature.Both claimed that Anselm had two versions of the ontological argument, the second of which was a modal logic version.

His argument states that if the island that we are thinking of does not exist, then it cannot be the greatest conceivable island, because for it to be the great conceivable island it would have to.Anselm, probably the greatest theologian to become Archbishiop of Canterbury, was the first to develop a comprehensive ontological argument for the existence of God.The ontological argument is an attempt to refute skepticism of God and prove His existence through reason alone.While there is no clear-cut answer to these questions, I personally believe that the negatives of.But as to whatever can be conceived but does not exist: if it were to exist its nonexistence either in reality or in the understanding would be possible.

Definition 2: A is an essence of x if and only if for every property B, x has B necessarily if and only if A entails B.Nearly all of the great minds of Western philosophy have found the argument worthy of their attention, and a number of criticisms and objections have been mounted.Thus, if God exists only as an idea in the mind, then we can imagine something that is greater than God (that is, a greatest possible being that does exist).The argument, on the surface, is very logically convincing and attempts to allure even the skeptic of God.

He argued that many theists would accept that God, by nature, cannot be fully comprehended.Therefore, an omniscient, omnipotent and perfectly good being exists.

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The ontological argument in brief. The ontological argument is the epitome of an argument that essentially no one actually uses as argument for.Also, David Hume offered an empirical objection, criticising its lack of evidential reasoning and rejecting the idea that anything can exist necessarily.Thus, if God exists in the mind as an idea, then God necessarily exists in reality.If a maximally great being exists in every possible world, then it exists in the actual world.