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Get new insight into the themes of Paper Towns with this amazing interactive data visualization.The Paper Towns Theme Wheel is a beautiful super helpful visualization of where the themes occur throughout the text.

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John Green, Paper Towns Paper Towns is a fantastic, interesting and unique novel that I thoroughly enjoyed.The closer to the blue ring, the closer to the beginning of the chapter.Margo has cut the strings that tie her to Orlando, but these strings still exist in the form of her Woody Guthrie poster and highlighted Walt Whitman poem, among other clues.Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Paper Towns By John Green.LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in Paper Towns, which you can use to track the themes throughout the work.Detective Warren also uses the image of strings when he describes Margo to Quentin.Radar spends nearly all his waking hours on Omnictionary, which is a comprehensive map of human knowledge.The site is the symbolic map that leads them to Margo, but it also provides false positives and unnecessary information.

Friendships are the central relationships in Paper Towns, and are often more intimate than either family relationships or romantic ones.When Quentin and his friends drive to Agloe, New York, Quentin compares his minivan to a house, labeling sections of the car as the living room, kitchen, and the bedroom.At the beginning of the book, Margo and Quentin (Q) get closer.

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However, the definition of paper towns as pseudovisions is a red herring, or a misleading clue.

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Along with strings, mirrors, and windows is the metaphor of balloons.Each row of colored boxes extending from a wedge represents a part of the chapter.

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He has worshipped Margo from afar for so long that even this idolizing has become a routine of its own, and going to prom would mean that he would have to recalibrate all his mental space for being in love with Margo into being a good date.But in order for either of them to grow up, they have to break their own self-inflicted routines.DESCRIPTION The 22cm dark silver plated bracelet is packed with themed Tibetan Silver.Taking small-scale road trips around Orlando to find Margo makes Quentin feel more in control of his life, rather a passive follower of the rules as he has always been.In Paper Towns, Margo Roth Spiegelman has tons of albums, meticulously arranged in alphabetical order.

Dismantling Child illusions The book is about Q finding the truth out about Margo, and how flawed and disappointing she really is.

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The Home theme in Paper Towns book, analysis of theme of The Home.Halfway through the novel, Radar codes a program that maps out the most relevant information to an individual search on Omnictionary.If Quentin is predictably predictable, Margo is predictably unpredictable.Indeed, the reader learns that maps are not always trustworthy.Theme: In the novel Paper Towns the author John Green portrays the main theme as when you first see or meet a person they might not come off as the person you thought.

On their adventure around Central Florida, Margo describes herself as a paper girl, and says that her friends are the only strings still holding her to Florida.Omnictionary travels everywhere with Radar, and he can escape into it at any time.Themes: Hover over or tap any of the themes in the Themes and Colors Key to show only that theme.However, both Quentin and Margo fail to appreciate their friends, and both are forced to consider the people they have taken for granted in a new light.

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In this way, road trips highlight the inherent differences between Margo and Quentin, and, ultimately, their incompatibility.Quentin and Margo both rely on plans and routines to feel some sense of control in their lives.Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Paper Towns.

Literary Analysis 1- Paper Towns by John Green 1. 2. The theme of the novel is getting wrapped up in the mystery of things or idea of something.

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For the first time in his life, Quentin skips school to go to pseudovisions looking for Margo, and the simple act of driving to these locations gives Quentin a sense of agency and adventure he never knew he had.Margo struggles to find meaning in the wealthy, suburban environment where she and Quentin have grown up.Paper Towns is full of symbols, which the characters are aware of and analyze together.Quentin seems to see Margo as his perfect and beautiful next door.

Paper towns also come to be associated with any place or person that seems fake, or duplicitous.

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Quentin could have forgotten all about this road trip and resumed his normal life.He thinks of her as the perfect girl, both beautiful and intriguing.She disdains the interests and values of her family and friends, whom she believes to be superficial.Wild stories circulate around school about Margo, like her sneaking into concerts, and all of them are true.