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A focus on the financial market excesses is very appropriate, but while it might be the visible factor that precipitated our problem, it is the American consumer and their politicians desire to live beyond their means that is the fundamental trigger of all this.Now why would this happen, since it is unlikely that everyone will need his cash at the same time.Kindly permit me recognise in order that I could subscribe. Thanks.

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In all the recapitalizations you are seeing these days, whether the investor is Warren Buffett, Mitsubishi UFJ, the UK government, or the US government, you will see some version of this structure.At the time the CDS goes into effect, the expected value of the premium payments (a small amount every year) should exactly equal the expected value of the insurance payments (a large amount, but only if the issuer defaults).Perhaps a property crowd could be the lift this team must get by in such close contests.

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